2010 Mercedes Benz SLK250 Convertible

Halloween celebration has been gaining traction in Singapore, especially in the last 5 years. With big boys Universal Studios Singapore and Sentosa Leisure Management drumming up notable events like Halloween Horror Nights and Sentosa Spooktacular respectively, the western “festival of horror” has never seen such large-scale commercialisation happening in this part of South-East Asia before.

Fuelled by the media, people became more aware and started having their own pockets of horror thrills to “scare” others in friendly fun. Our roads were not spared either with this Halloween-dressed Mercedes Benz SLK250.

We don’t get a lot of chances with thematic cars. So when given the opportunity to shoot, we sprung into recce mode to search for an ideal location for our horror execution, and perhaps some props to set the mood. The result is a dark empty garage, a smoke machine and some essential lighting equipment.

We had contacted our good friends at Top93 Sports Rim to lease us an enclosed garage space for the midnight shoot. Pretty cool guys who readily agreed. So to return the favour, here is a small shoutout. Please click here to check out their awesome collection of mostly European sports rims and other related performance kits!

This 2-seater baby roadster from Mercedes has some brilliant hints of the SL and even SLS. The iconic single horizontal bar that holds the 3-pointed star emblem at the grille brings enough aggression to the front end. With a full body brushed steel wrap and red accents that the owner has given to the looks department, quad exhaust pipes fixed and some tuning done, the outcome is a totally different beast.

Shoot underway, the smoke machine was puffing hard and one of us was fanning equally hard to create that desired smoke screen for that picture perfect frame. Ride owner was also game to pose for an underground triad leader look #swag. Trust me, the sweat on his face is genuine. Speaking of true dedication. Late night shoots in the highway tunnels are the best playgrounds for us. Again, it is business as usual for sgCarShooters as we end off the session with our high speed rolling shots. 

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