2007 Ferrari 599 Fiorano GTB 6.0L

As far as we have shot, this is possibly one of the loudest rides we have rubbed shoulders with late last year. In fact, just a few days shy of the new year, and we didn’t time on purpose such that we could literally send 2014 out with a loud (exhaust) bang.

This is an eight year old 6.0L V12 naturally aspirated stallion that doesn’t look his age at all. The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano has been one of our favourite cars as far as we can remember, and like all fine wine, it is maturing into a genuine front-engine supercar. Well, not exactly front but still front enough to be considered one. To be precise, the mighty engine is positioned just behind the front axle. The owner has replaced its iconic Ferrari red with an electrifying matte blue wrap that is one of a kind in Singapore, a perfect complement to the black trims.

Like little boys, we were frenetic the moment we saw the first shot fired on our camera preview screen. The unmistakable outline of a Ferrari of this stature and expense needs presence, and the 599 does not fall short.
With florescent light from the tunnel ceiling bouncing evenly off its heavily stylised exterior, the long bonnet that stretches all the way back to the cabin and tail is even more pronounced now.

This version of the 599 is equipped with an F1 automated manual gearbox that discharges gear changes for as low as 100 ms, almost eliminating power interruption and amplifying full acceleration. Luxury swathed the cabin in a mix of leather, carbon fibre, high quality aluminium and a full high spec sound system comes standard.

As we celebrated into the 12th day of Christmas and the new year of 2015, this was one blessed 2-hour session with the Ferrari 599 GTB we wished time had stood still.

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