2006 Hyundai Tuscani 1.6L Coupe

Until this shoot, abbreviations like EMMA and ESQL were totally foreign to us. Yet, this is one feature car that is no stranger to the podiums at these events. EMMA stands for European Mobile Media Association and is primarily specialised in car sound competitions. It provides a neutral, trend-setting platform to promote and carry the magical world of custom made automobile media installations to consumers.

Through these activities, sound manufacturers and specialists are able to promote themselves and their products to the masses. EMMA has a fast growing network covering 40 countries worldwide. By record, it has held more than 300 events, involving no less than 20,000 cars.

What we have in focus is a black, fully pimped out 2006 Hyundai Tuscani with a music themed livery that is screaming out for attention. A digital artwork of six huge speaker cones and a DJ in psychedelic colours lined both sides of the car, with blue undercarriage lights that created the impression of an alien spacecraft hovering on the roads.

Our model of the day is Makiyo Jaz, a freelance model currently studying in an arts school. Speaking of arts and music, it is perfect pairing for our shoot session happening right at the doorsteps of Aliwal Arts Centre.

This generation of the Hyundai Tuscani is a 3-door front wheel drive coupe designed and manufactured in South Korea, and production ran from year 2003 to 2008. The fresh look of the Tuscani was quite popular among car enthusiasts in Singapore, and it also spelt a major breakthrough for the Korean car manufacturer here on our shores.

Ever since its inception, the Tuscani has laid a solid foundation for the next generation Hyundai Genesis Coup to cater to a market segment of affordable style and performance.
Darren is one owner who appreciates these values of the Tuscani and took it to a higher state of consciousness.

A little history about Darren, he caught the sound modding bug years back and only started competing seriously in 2013. In his first foray, he was represented by TuneAttack and that won him a 3rd placing in EMMA Heat 2.

A year later in 2014, he was represented by Action Auto and that was when things escalated pretty quickly. Four months and more than $10,000 good money was spent on ICE (In-Car Entertainment) customisation and setup, including a full leather upholstery overhaul at THEN Leather. The final icing on the cake was a full graphic exterior wrap done by Agraphic. From then on, Darren went full steam ahead in competing and never looked back.

Here are his impressive accolades:

July – Singapore EMMA Heat 1, 2nd place ESQL unlimited
August – Malaysia EMMA Heat 1, 1st place ESQL unlimited
September – Malaysia EMMA Heat 2, 2nd place ESQL unlimited
October – Singapore EMMA Heat 2, 2nd place ESQL unlimited
November – EMMA Asia 2014, 2nd place ESQL unlimited
December – EMMA Singapore Final, 1st ESQL 2-Woofer

‘Nuff said. The evil COE ran its course in 2015 and we shall stop at that. Let’s just enjoy the rest of the photos with Makiyo’s poses.

For the curious, here is the full list of Darren’s ICE technical setup:

Headunit – Alpine 502
Processor – Alpine H800
Speakers – Rockford Power Series x 2
Amplifiers – DLS reference series
Subwoofer – Rockford T3
RA40 Rockford 1500.1 x 1
Battery – Optima D75/25 yellow top
EPS Power Charger – GTR 6.8 and Evo-10

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