2008 Mitsubishi Evolution 10 GSR SST 2.0L

As the Mitsubishi Evolution X officially follows the plight of the Woolly Mammoth, JDM lovers flocked to the used car market to snap up pieces of the 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinders for some boost action. The owner of this mean machine is one of them.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has evolved to its tenth version with over 4 rich generations of street rally motorsport heritage. Undoubtedly, the marque has attained an unquestioned legendary status in Japan, if not the world.

It is a shame that Mitsubishi is unable to refresh and present the next generation of Evolution to bridge the current outgoing model in time. With motor head fans left dangling in uncertainty and disappointment, it is effectively killing the brand, judging from the past success the Evolution has brought to the world stage.
We digress. Back to the subject of our photoshoot, this X is fitted with the ever popular Varis kit, and its muscular body in custom frozen blue paint. With 19″ Vossen rims fitted snugly within 1.5 inches of the wheel arches and twin HKS hi-power exhaust pipes sticking menacingly out of the rear diffusers, it is looking outstandingly clean and sharp while she rolled through the tunnel.

It is getting incredibly difficult so pardon us while we go to a corner to observe a minute of silence, perhaps shedding a tear or so for a hero gone…

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