2007 Subaru WRX STI 2.5L

This is one Subaru WRX STI that has gone anorexic by shedding more than 140 kilograms off its factory kerb weight. Being a true trackie, it is beyond doubt that its owner naturally possesses an obsession towards squeezing additional horse power out of every gram lost. 
Painstaking but in the mind of a purist, satisfaction that non-car guys will ever understand.
In the words of the owner, the objective for this build was to keep the car street legal, with a clean factory appearance on the outside, combined with a moderate and reliable 300 wheel horse power output from the factory 2-litre twin-scroll turbocharged setup. 
Meaning to say, most of the components within the engine bay has been generally left untouched, except for the replacement of solid engine mounts and stiffened suspension bushings. 
Given the moderate power output, a key focus has been on weight reduction, and chassis and suspension tuning. Particular attention was given to lowering the car’s centre of gravity with the replacement of a carbon fibre roof that was spray painted to the original color.  
Original glass were replaced by lightweight Spec C glass and overall ride height was lowered with performance KW Clubsport coilovers. Passenger and driver now indulge in Recaro STI racing seats. 
The front and rear roll centres were also readjusted to retain the factory suspension geometry. Also, the dash has been flocked to reduce sunlight reflection off the front windshield, perfect for track days.

We are fortunate that the owner is able to provide us an exhaustive list of modifications. These are the lightweight items installed.

– Lightweight Spec C aluminium trunk

– Lightweight Spec C 50-litre fuel tank
– Lightweight Odyssey PC680 battery, relocated to under passenger seat
– Lightweight HKS front subframe brace
– Lightweight L’aunsport carbon fibre side mirrors
– Girodisc 2-pc rotors for front and rear

– Trust PE Ti-R titanium exhaust system

This is the list of unseen modifications installed towards chassis and suspension optimisation:

– STI 21mm anti-roll bars (front and rear)

– STI aluminium lateral links with pillowball bushings
– CarLabs X-brace
– Zero/Sports front roll centre adjusters
– TSS Fab tubular front subframe with roll centre correction
– MSI tubular rear subframe with roll centre correction

According to the owner, things have also been removed from the car and this is the separation list.

– Removed sound proofing
– Removed heat insulation
– Removed roof assist handles, brackets, and sun visors
– Removed rear speakers
– Removed fog laps
– Doors drilled to remove weight
Impressive might be a word too mild for this modified STI because superficially, it does not extrude any hint of it. With that, we decide to confer it with the “Sleeper” award, given the irony that it is a sports sedan to begin with.

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