2007 Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1.5L Sedan

The landscape is getting tougher to mod a car in Singapore especially with the recent clamp down on an ever increasing modification “ban” list that dampens local car enthusiasts here. Some make sense whereas a few, questionable. In any case, this did not prevent Jiawei from tinkering his Mitsubishi Lancer EX within the legal boundaries using his good eye for colour and body styling.

His favourite unspoken colour is Vermilion, a special hue of orange and red that is strikingly loud on the streets even at night. That goes up as the main wrap colour for his ride with black as a secondary colour accent.

Inspired by the brand’s halo car, the Evolution X, Jiawei’s car is fitted with rally style front lip and side skirt, CZ4A model’s bonnet hood, fender side vents and spoiler. Add on a set of black 18″ sports rims and the external visual appeal climbed up a few notches.

Visual appeal didn’t stop there. Swinging into the car, hints of vermillion peppered the interior. A striking gearbox with a custom cut panel in glossy vermillion that looks oh so juicy greeted us. We then noticed the IU cover, mobile phone holder, steering wheel emblem, right down to the car mats are of vermillion shade too. Now, that’s styling consistency!
With the haze hitting us hard during the shoot, we knew the best opportunity was here to create mystery and intrigue in our shots. This dark, secluded back alley in the CBD has indeed made the haze work in our favour.  No single smoke machine in the market could replicate such an authentic feel to the final edits. The downside? We literally had to shoot wearing our N95 masks for a couple of hours.

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