2014 Audi A3 1.4L Sedan

A Glacier White Audi A3 sedan sped graciously down the highway on a moonless night, occasionally grunting to hint at the need for a harder push on the pedal. It takes joy in acceleration and release of tensions built up in the turbocharger very much like a pressure cooker.

Yet at the same time, the new A-segment sedan prides itself in plush interior comfort and noise deadening from the outside world. Spotting a shorter but wider wheel base than a regular sedan means it can also take more punches at the steering wheel when cornering. The whole ride becomes more agile and receives more feedback from the road directly beneath.

This handsome, Bauhaus-design inspired German marque 1.4L TFSI A3 sedan may be categorised as an entry level, but everything else about it shouts premium and is equally rewarding to drive like any other Audis. No doubt on shoot location, it became the subject of second glances and admiration from passers-by.

Meet Sean, the man behind this machine. He is camera shy so there won’t be any shots of him here (in case you’re looking for them). However, just by looking at the tasteful “upgrades” done to his car, you can immediately relate to him as a connoisseur of style and fashion. We leave it as that to your imagination.

First up on mods, the frontal bodykit is from Rieger, complete with honeycomb front grille inscribed with QUATTRO wordings. Next, the rear end is kitted with an S3 diffuser and stock exos upgraded to a growly Remus Sport. A fine little touch of carbon fibre boot lid spoiler is added to increase the sporty draw.
They say wheels make or break the car, and a delicate subject when it comes to what rim design fits best. In this case, a set of Vertini Concave rims with JBT big brake kit from Top93 Sports Rims has totally redefined the character outlook of this Audi A3.

Appeal factor up 200 percentage points we say! The rest of the photos for your viewing pleasure.

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