2009 Audi S5 Coupe

This is a recent update from the previously shot S5 post. We revisit this upgraded RS5 grille Audi sports coupe with some exhilarating night scene and chase shots. 

Yes, intense indeed.

The Audi S5’s striking styling, combining with a sweet sounding V8 engine is enough to make heads turn. Whats even more surprising is the upscale and roomy interior fit for three fullsized adults and a baby seat. 


The day started off with two truckloads of Duck Tour tourists gawking at the V8 as it free-styled down Republic Avenue. And what a good amount of sunshine hitting on a gleaming piece of metallic and glass sculpture – the way we wanted exactly! 


As we transit from the exterior form factor to within, Audi continues to show why they are at the top of their game when it comes to interior design.

The fine, rubberised plastic dashboard feels and smells premium, and carbon fiber accents set off the short-throw shifter of the six-speed gearbox, leading to the rear of the center console that houses a storage space, and climate controls for the rear passengers seats wrapped in high quality, red Alcantara leather. 

A double stitched leather-wrapped steering wheel sits snug in the driver’s cockpit and is the focus for everything else that happens next. The wheel directs the attention to the side-teardrop shaped gauges just a short distance away, as well as the familiar drive information screen in between. 

Steering from beginning adapts progressively according to your pick up and handling seems to have gotten a boost by the extra length of the wheelbase. The ride is smooth and firm at the same time. Firm being rooted to the ground during wild cornering, and smooth in a way how the car magically soaks up the irregularities on the tarmac. It was a short affair with the S5 and we couldn’t get enough of it frankly. It’s time to bid farewell, too soon.

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