BMW M3 GTRS5 Convertible

Under the clear night sky dotted with glittering stars, a beastly tuned 620bhp supercharged BMW M3 sat tranquilly, seemingly enjoying the companionship of a beauty and the peaceful surrounding. This E93 convertible is the last of the naturally aspirated V8 engine fitted to an M power plant and clearly, car lovers are not exactly pleased, now that high-revving engine notes will soon be a thing of the past.

No longer will there be extreme heart skipping and head turning moments when you put your foot to the pedal. According to the German marque, forced induction or also known as turbocharging will now take over the NA for the sake of mankind’s future (add sarcasm).

Small sadness aside, we got on with our work, approaching the M3 like a sacred object. This is no ordinary M3. It is the official safety car for Sports Car Club Singapore, or SCCS in short, and is fitted with one of the sexiest body kits you can find for this car – a Vorsteiner GTRS5 wide body kit limited to just 40 worldwide.

According to its official site, “The Vorsteiner GTRS5 features aerodynamic and cosmetic enhancements taking parts from Vorsteiner’s GTRS series. The kit includes a front bumper integrated with chin spoiler, wide arch front fenders, extended side skirts, wide arch rear quater panels. All of these parts are made from pre-preg autoclave carbon fibre.”

Also fitted to this mean machine are 20 inchers BC Racing forged rims with fully customised orange crystal colour. Along with decals and running LED lights, this fully complete a totally badass, legit safety car look. Words aside, we’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of the photos.

sgCarShooters vrooooming out!

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