2002 Ducati Monster 400

Carburetor models of the Ducati Monsters are classified as endangered species, especially here in Singapore. Calvin is one such passionate individual who is clinging on to this classic 2002 Ducati Monster 400 in flawlessly spray-painted British racing green.

His story is a heartstring-tugger and we shall leave you with his original transcript here. “Some 20 years ago, young and stupidity nearly got me killed in a terrible riding accident. Battered with broken bones, bruises, multiple ops and lifelong scars. I never thought I’ll pick up a bike again. Here I am decades later, having gone through life experiences and having respect for life, I’m back on 2 wheels. On it, I realised what I have missed. The freedom – from stress, worry, sweating the small stuff. My kind of therapy with absolutely no regrets.”

Theme: Urban
Car(s): 2002 Ducati Monster 400
Car Owner(s): Calvin

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