2007 Honda S2000 2.2L Roadster

Aftermath of track days.
These are the battle scars that will be a part of an important lesson. The road to become wiser and emerge stronger than ever before. The owner of this beautiful Honda S2000 is a NA purist who fancy neither forced induction nor superchargers. He prefers the age old trusty F22C inline-4 engine block produced by Honda for reliability and track stamina. One that displaces 230 horses to the wheels and redlines at 8000 RPM. And the good news for us car enthusiasts, we will see this legendary roadster on the roads through the next 10 years.

Here is the shoot summary. Theme: Industrial
Cars: 2007 Honda S2000 2.2L Roadster
Car Owner: ZZ

And the technical specification laundry list.

Engine:  Stock
AT Power ITB 88mm Trumpet
DTA standalone ECU S060
Spoon Radiator
Spoon Radiator Stay (black)
Spoon Thermo switch
Spoon Low Temp Thermostat
Spoon Oil Cap

Spoon front fender

Works Meister S1 monoblock 17 inch 7.5jj 35 (Front), 17 inch 9jj 40 (Rear)
Brake Ap racing 4 pot 5200R
Front: Hawk pads (Street) Dixicel RAR (Track)
Rear: Stock caliper Hawk pads Exhaust:
J’s header and J’s 70rr cat back

Defi A1 gauges with seeker Gauge holder
Defi C2 (pink) AEM Air fuel ratio
Zoom engineering mirror
ASM side mirror
Personal 350mm steering wheel
Tillet carbon seat B5
Arvou gear knob 950g
Recaro Super Stark

Carbing front struct bar
Cusco rear struct bar
Cusco ARB front and rear
Cusco chassis bar
Spoon rigid collar
Spoon steer bracket
Spoon steering rigid collar
Spoon center brace bar
Spoon drive shaft spacer kit
Spoon suspension bushing set
Spoon LSD 1.75 way
Moton 1-way suspension

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