2008 Honda Civic & 2009 Mercedes Benz C200

A shoot of the unlikeliest car combo but a celebration of two very close friends. Both of them overachievers in their respective field of expertise. The only things in common, the matte wraps, the nonsensical banter, and of course the instigation to “poison” each other with car improvement ideas.

Abi is the proud owner of his matte grey Honda Civic, and Ian, the proud owner of his matte black Mercedes Benz C200 which he refers to as his batmobile. With a bit of luck, we were able to spend an hour shooting at this exclusive location until the security shooed us off. Definitely satisfied with the outcome, judging at how sleek the paint works of both cars showed up from the bounced lights.

Here is the shoot summary.

Theme: Cityscape, urban
Cars: 2008 Honda Civic & 2009 Mercedes Benz C200
Owners: Abi and Ian

*Photographer’s note: The previous description of Type R for this Honda is wrong. We apologise for the error.

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