Porsche Boxster X Mercedes C200

This is Keith and Sheena, and they are a young family of two cars. Just kidding. They have a two year old tot (name withheld to protect the innocent) and he is in his cutest stage of life. The gleaming yellow Porsche Boxster is the fun ride for the family of three while the black suave Mercedes C200 is the family car.

It is never easy to warm up a toddler for an early morning shoot – which explains his glum look in the photo above – and this is when the Porsche comes in handy. A few quick spins and the smiles were back on his face. With that settled, we are blessed for another beautiful morning with an equally awesome sunrise for our family car shoot. Enjoy.

Here is the shoot summary.
Theme: Urban Sun Rise
Cars: 2011 Porsche Boxster and 2011 Mercedes C200
Car Owners: Keith & Sheena

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