2008 Honda Civic Type R 2.0L Sports Sedan

“The red Type R emblem says it all. The car communicates something emotional to the driver.”

“It’s a racing car that you can drive on the streets. That’s my image of the car.”

“A light-weight car that’s fun to drive on track and on winding roads. It’s a car that challenges the driver.”

These are the exact words that were being conveyed after professional racing drivers in Japan took the Honda Civic Type R aka FD2R out for a good time around the track. Honda wanted a car with linear handling, a car with high rigidity, drives stable when doing hard braking into a corner, and transfers direct feedback from the road straight to the driver’s hands at the steering wheel.

In other words, the FD2R is a very raw and capable track attack car that many racing enthusiasts pick as their weapon of choice. Jason is one such enthusiast who spare no effort in making his special blue pantone FD2R one of the most finely tuned machine in the market.

Jason’s K24 engine block has been upgraded with forged CP pistons to handle more power. To tackle the potential stress on the transmission, Earl’s oil cooler is installed to maximise surface to outside air heat transfer, thereby optimising engine and transaxle cooling under extreme racing conditions.

J’s Garage fat tummy intake is also fitted to greatly improve airflow rate. Forged racing radiator is also used to further cool down the temperature of the car on race days. The exhaust system upgrade starts from a Skunk 2 Alpha Header to maximise exhaust flow and gain, and further enhanced by a customised 3 inch cat back.

There you go, spot the exhaust! Or is it an EV?

On the exterior, replicas J’s Racing front lip and J’s Racing CF rear diffuser have been installed, together with OEM style carbon fibre bonnet. Offset for the wheel setup is also different. The front is fitted with Advan RZ rims and the rear, Advan RS.

In the driver’s cockpit, stock seats have been replaced with H Drive’s bucket seat with Miki low rail. Adding to the touch, a H Drive gear knob has also been fitted on the Comptech short shifter.

With this configuration, it reduces driver’s shifter throw by 38% and significantly improves shifter comfort and drive feel. A set of Defi Advance ZD OLED multi display and AEM air fuel ratio gauge were mounted on the dashboard to feed in important real time data from the engine.

The result is a balanced monster ready to scorch the tarmac at his beck and call.

Enjoy the rest of the photos.

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