2008 Audi A4 3.2L FSI Quattro, 2.0L and 1.8L Sedan

Three Audi A4s, three different power trains.

You could immediately hear the fury of exhaust notes these cars made a mile away before you get to see them. The leader of the pack was a special blue wrapped, naturally aspirated V6 3.2L FSI Quattro variant. Acting as sidekicks were two other A4 variants in murdered black and glorious white – a 1.8T FSI S-Line and a 2.0T FSI S-Tronic Quattro respectively – all tuned to unlock their engines’ potential. 

Upon arrival, the trio quickly formed up behind our all-ready cam car to capture the first runs under an overcast morning sky. As we fired away the shots, it was inherent to us why the A4 continues to be one of the more popular executive sedans in the market, especially in the used car market. 

Thanks to its bold styling and clean lines, the A4 still look timeless today despite being close to a decade old. It could also be the fact that the B6 A4 was the brainchild of Peter Schreyer way back two generations ago at Audi that has kept this design influence going strong. The A4 has the ability to blend spirited driving performance with passenger comfort at a reasonable price. This combination of factors is probably her recipe of success.

This is the reason why this A4 is so good looking. We usually don’t approve of sticking a big ass GT wing on a 4-door sedan but the owner took a gamble and it pays off handsomely, literally. 

The machine is German but the heart is JDM. You can tell by the number of decals shouting Japan which the owner has stuck to the car. 

Under the hood is Audi’s 3.2L V6 TFSI direct injection, capable of an impressive 265 horsepower and 243 pound feet of torque, mated to ZF transmission that delivers continuous power so smoothly to the wheels. It hits the century mark from stationery under 6.5 seconds. The interior boasts some custom fibre parts that adds to the overall appeal. 

They say wheels maketh the car and the choice is a set of VMR 19 inchers which performs as good as it looks. The rims are machined in house specifically to the car to ensure proper bolt-on fitment.

Cars bond people and tuning them brings them even closer. It is a mark of achievement for the car lovers for the painstaking work and time devoted to leave a small legacy in the car scene.

Like a famous quote from the movie Band of Brothers, “From this day to the ending of the world, but we in it shall be remembered. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.” For the three owners (and every other driver on this island), it is also “Till COE do us part”.

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