2011 Mercedes SLS AMG 6.2L

Iconic as it is, the Mercedes AMG SLS reminds us, in pure character of the original 1955 300 SL that inspired her distinctive gullwing doors. Highly competent, exquisitely engineered and an exhaust note fit for all ages, the SLS is a great, if not the best, perfectly balanced driving machine in the market.

What you are looking at is possibly Germany’s fastest and best all rounder super sports car with an eclectic touch of retro styling, and the one and only matte blue skinned right here in Singapore by WrapStyle. Are you stoked yet?

Perhaps a little visual cue on why we likened the SLS AMG to the 300SL roadster. One of us who visited the Mercedes Benz museum in Stuttgart, Germany a couple of years back, managed to retrieve a priceless shot of the gleaming 3-pointed star automotive immortal. And in the same exact angle, we took a shot of the modern SLS, complete in full glory of her roof-hinged gullwings spread out.

(sgcarshoot file picture: Mercedes Benz 300SL at the Mercedes Benz museum, Stuttgart, Germany, 2011)

It is heartening to see that Mercedes has given the SLS a similar sweeping roofline, interior colour treatment, and facade styling (minus the chromes) as the elder one.
Powertrain wise, do not doubt Mercedes’ exclusive in-house tuner AMG. Leave no question about her sportiness as it catapults like a bullet leaving the gun barrel, covering the century dash in 3.7 seconds with a top speed whiffing 330 km/h.

Very growly, very agile, very precise, very grippy and very powerful braking is the way to sum up the SLS AMG in a single line. As for us after a few patient years of wait and setup, it is mission accomplished.

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