2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Our first proper photo shoot with a Volkswagen is a highly rated 5-door Golf GTI Mk VI in candy white. Her proud owner, Isabelle, does not even exude the slightest hint that she owns this ferocious little monster.

Just like her, the GTI looks proper and refined, sometimes demure too. It is almost like a hidden gem – understated, discreet and yet people who know and appreciate them will celebrate her choice. Nobody else will fault her for owning one either because fellow petrol aficionadi absolutely know what a GTI is capable of.

Isabelle reached out to us for a very special moment – a personal gift for herself on her birthday. She brought along a friend too, someone who drives an equally respected car, the Volkswagen Golf R in exclusive rising blue colour.

Now that makes a second Volkswagen for us. We believe good things come in pairs and took the extra mile to shoot both of them within the constraint of time. Both cars looked stunning under the cloudless sky, illuminated by a fairly beautiful Marina Bay skyline. It was a visual treat for us just by positioning the cars for the shoot.

To us, Mk VI Golf GTI is one of the finest in its class, and in our opinion, everything about it was sensible and in its rightful place. Nobody would have figured out how Volkswagen could possibly improve the next Golf mark with every generation. Anticipating how the designers incorporate the characteristic GTI red stripes is also one important aspect to look out for. It just gets better every time.

In motion, GTI emits a deep, beefy growl throughout her rev range. It is certainly music to the engine note audiophile. It is without a doubt an enthusiast’s car and her century sprint time of six and a half seconds is highly competitive. Her willingness to be tossed around is the reason why it is so popular and well-received on our busy roads for that occasional fun, spirited drive.

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