2011 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Novitec Torado

It was the year 2011 when Lamborghini first unveiled the Aventador LP700-4 to replace the ageing Murcielago. There were already a handful of pre-orders even before production started.

It did not come as a surprise to many, as the eyes-popping design and jaws-dropping performance swept the world off her feet. The Aventador is born into the two seconds club, responsible for donning wallpapers of car fanatics’ desktops, and is also the most popular “spotted” cars on our Instagram hashtag (See #sgcarshoot link).

Wrapped in matte gold, this dual toned carbon fibre V12 is hard to miss on the roads. What makes it even harder to miss is its aggressive Torado kit by NOVITEC group, a German headquartered tuner and custom kit manufacturer, specialised in Italian sports cars. It is one of the most respected and experienced companies in the automotive industry, spearheaded in 1989 by the entrepreneurial vision and creativity of Wolfgang Hagedorn.

As claimed, NOVITEC engages the highest quality products, precision and craftsmanship, and manages a skilled team with unsurpassed commitment and professionalism. There are only two Lamborghini Aventadors with NOVITEC Torado kits in Singapore at the time of writing that makes it so special.

Read more on the official press release by the NOVITEC group: The NOVITEC program for the Aventador has been developed for maximum form and function. The complete aerodynamic package has been designed and wind tunnel tested in light weight carbon fibre. The NOVITEC aerodynamic components provide improved aerodynamics, while giving the vehicle a more aggressive appearance.

Motor performance has been achieved through upgraded engine management software and high quality exhaust systems available in the ultra lightweight material Inconel or stainless steel. To maximise driving performance, suspension components and tailor made wheel and tire combinations provide maximum contact with the road.

The NOVITEC program is completed in the cockpit where a wide range of products are offered in carbon fibre.

Back to the shoot session, Vanessa is the model of the day, posing au naturel for the 700+bhp Italian beast. Location for the shoot is once again at our preferred partner’s neat and spacious garage, Top 93 Sports Rim. Check out their impressive collection of mostly forged European sports rims and other related performance upgrade kits.

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