2009 Audi A5 Coupe

The Audi A5 was a completely new entry for the German company in the coupe market back in 2009 to compete specifically with BMW’s 3 series coupe. It created a much lusted over ride to own. Fast forward to 2014, the A5 has withstood the test of time and it is now one of the most sought after luxury cars in the preloved market.

sgCarShoot caught up with the owner of this white luxury sport coupe for an impromptu shoot. The beauty of spontaneity yields unexpected results and we were almost glad much of the shots turned out to be pretty decent.

For car photography enthusiasts, a new playground has to be the Marine Coastal Expressway or MCE for short. The newly paved and smooth asphalt road with beautifully crafted tunnel architecture is a perfect combination for great rolling shots!

What emotional creatures they are. Coupes set out to be stylish first and the A5 does not disappoint. It is breathtaking in photos, but even more so on the road. White looks superb on this S5-body kitted model but blue (on an S5 we have previously shot) exults its very own charm too. We love both anyway!

Badass looking rims are fitted onto this ride and handling is kicked up a notch, true to Breyton Wheels’ mantra of “Precise German wheels engineering”. We explore more of the interior closeups.

The flawless fuse of leather upholstery, wood and aluminum accents with soft-touch surfaces sets a welcoming tone for its occupants, a tradition Audi has upheld and promised since its brand refresh nearly a decade ago.

This is possibly the perfect car for the stunning backdrop.
Til we meet again, auf Wiedersehen!

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