2007 Mitsubishi Evolution IX Wagon

Year of the Dragon has never really ended. In fact, it’s alive and scorching Singapore roads… in the form of a Mitsubishi Evolution IX station wagon, that is. The radical and intricate masterpiece was the work of Graffiti Conceptz, and proudly donning its colours is none other than multi-autostyling champion, Charles, whose Evo recently took part in the Tokyo Auto Salon event and won best airbrush award in its category.

Let’s see how this dragon evolution measures up… to a new ‘occupant’. 

sgCarShoot could have done a typical car shoot – sleek closeups, engine bay, cool interior shots and what nots. This time round, we opt to forgo that for something bigger. We enter different phases of life, and one of them is when you decide to commit your life to another human being. Charles took that decision and possibly brought happiness to another level.


Meet Charlene, the girl in Charles’ life. This bubbly soul is a natural on camera and she quickly warmed his fiancé up too, which made everything easier, considering we had a bad weather looming upon us and a limited duration for the shoot.

I’m pretty sure the comprehensive in-car multimedia system came into good use during their initial courtship. 

And that, explains everything.

So we have this amazing couple dressed up in a pair of delightful blue couple tees, holding a pair of cute softie toy bears (I assume), mucking around playfully and making funny faces before the camera. And then they are the occupants of this fierce, intimidating Dragon Evolution IX.

See the disconnect?

Yes, I’m rubbing my eyes too.

Aww… too sweet…

The rain did fall in a lighthearted way as our journey for the car shoot came to a close. Let’s wish Charles and Charlene eternal bliss and all the best for their upcoming wedding!

In collaboration with

LiveMoments Photography

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